Norse Cosmos Poster

from Sassafrass


A poster showing the nine worlds and many monstrous inhabitants of the Norse mythological cosmos.

This intricate illustration contains dozens of labeled places, creatures and artifacts from Viking myths, from Alfheim to Nidhogg, carefully rendered based on the descriptions of geography and creatures from the Prose and Poetic Eddas. A perfect way to test and improve your skaldic knowledge, or follow along as you listen to our Norse Creation Myth song "Ice & Fire." Click the detail images to the right

24" x 18" horizontal format poster in color.

Image by Sydni Kruger, based on a design by Ada Palmer and Rob Snyder.

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edition of 300 

  $10 USD or more 



Sassafrass Chicago, Illinois

Sassafrass performs Ada Palmer's original a cappella polyphonic folk music, complex pieces with lively narratives and fantasy, mythology or science fiction themes.

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