Sassafrass Songbook (digital sheet music)

by Sassafrass

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The fresh new recording of "Enepet Folksong: Caravan" above is a bonus extra accompanying this DRM-free downloadable PDF e-book containing all of Ada Palmer's non-Viking-themed music composed through 2014.

(You can also purchase just the Enepet Folksong audio file for $1.)

This 250 page collection contains lyrics sheets and sheet music for 21 songs. Lyrics sheets are optimized for easy reading and minimal page turns, and ten of them include guitar chords to make it easy to perform the songs for voice and guitar. Sheet music contains all harmonies, and seven pieces have both choral and solo vocal arrangements.

This digital version contains both a single file of all the contents and individual PDFs of the separate songs, for easy use.
ALL SASSAFRASS E-BOOKS ARE DRM FREE and can be read on any platform including Kobo, Nook, iPad, Kindle and PC (tablets with larger screens recommended).

This collection is also available as a 250-page printed, coil-bound book for $60, which can be ordered through the "Physical Goods" tab of this webpage.

Songs included:
1) Daughter of Apocalypse
2) Daughter of Apocalypse (solo arrangement)
3) Fall
4) A Proper Mermaid Tail
5) Somebody Will (duet with guitar chords and alternate harmonies)
6) Somebody Will (solo arrangement)
7) Threadbare Dragon
8) Toys for Big Kids
9) Wild Angel
10) The Earth and the Water and the Wind
11) Enepet Folksong: Caravan
12) Enepet Folksong: Caravan (solo arrangement)
13) Enepet Folksong: Final Ride
14) Enepet Folksong: Final Ride (solo arrangement)
15) For You Are the Wind
16) Sapphire, Ruby and Gold
17) Winds over Leviathas
18) All the Time in the World
19) Darling Eliza
20) Darling Eliza (solo arrangement)
21) Tumbling Away
21) Tumbling Away (solo arrangement)
22) Unknown Purpose
23) Where I Come From
24) Where I Come From (solo arrangement)
25) Will Be Tomorrow
26) Yonder Wandering

Guitar chords included for:
1) Daughter of Apocalypse
2) Fall
3) Somebody Will
4) A Proper Mermaid Tail
5) Threadbare Dragon
6) Toys for Big Kids
7) Wild Angel
8) Enepet Folksong: Caravan
9) Enepet Folksong: Final Ride
10) Yonder Wandering

Also included are the new lyrics to "Will Be Tomorrow" written by Hugo and Nebula Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Jo Walton, newly-created sheet music for "A Proper Mermaid Tail" and "Winds over Leviathas" and sheet music for the extra harmony line for Verse 3 of "The Earth and the Water and the Wind" which did not appear in the earlier sheet music.

This sheet music was generated using Finale; if you want access to the original Finale files, to edit and experiment with the music, contact us at


released January 4, 2015

"There's a Hole in the Bucket" is a traditional tune; all other songs and lyrics were written by Ada Palmer; the new Verses 2 and 3 of "Will Be Tomorrow" were written by Jo Walton. Help with developing guitar chords was provided by Benjamin Newman, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Stranger Ways. Cover image "Wings Afire" by Laura Higgins Palmer.



all rights reserved


Sassafrass Chicago, Illinois

Sassafrass performs Ada Palmer's original a cappella polyphonic folk music, complex pieces with lively narratives and fantasy, mythology or science fiction themes.

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Track Name: Enepet Folksong: Caravan
Caravan on the dune-side,
Thundering comes the war-ride
Wild as the dragon, fierce as the dying flame.
Charging on through the deep night,
Blood and steel in the ghost-light
When you are riding, do you still call my name?
Riding the river of sand with a sword in your
Hand as the womb of the desert becomes the dawn
And the dying night screams, like my voice in your
Dreams, goading, leading you on like the firebrand

Shimmering on the dune-side,
Cold as steel in the ghost-light.
Bright as the suns come, all of them pass away.
Flesh on flesh where the night gleams,
Soul on soul where the sand dreams
Only one light remains, with the death of day
Two, then one, then everything
Falling where the frozen sand
Shatters and the desert flesh bleeds
Memories still falling like rain
Upon a

Firebrand on the dune-side,
Leading on to a new sight.
Rare as the water, dangerous as the day.
You and I always see through
What the world never dares do,
You on your westward, I on my eastward way.
Down the river of sand with a sword in your
Hand, as the sun comes & beckons your heart away
And the wealth of the west sets its lure in your
Chest, irresistible prey, like a caravan

Panicking in the thunder,
Rich in blood, rich in plunder.
Bright as the suns come, all of them go the same.
Take your west as a lover, tire of her, take another;
When you are dying, mine is the soul you name.
Riding farther each from each
Other, ever leaving the
Desert and the caravans too
Far to hear them calling my name
(But dream / on dream) I stay your firebrand.